In the spirit of the energy and activism that has galvanized millions of women and allies of the resistance against President Trump’s disastrous first term, MARCH ON has received our Marching Orders from the Marchroots, declaring the following:

We, the women, the youth, and allies of the resistance, call to the people of this country to stand united against the forces of inequality, injustice, and intolerance in all its forms. We call on the people of this country to lift up the voices of the marginalized and those who speak out for the rights of others. We call on the people of this country to bring about real change to our communities and our politics that will see lasting benefits to our country and the world.

We take strength from the millions who have marched with us in solidarity. And we take strength from knowing that there are millions more out there, just like us, who are Marching On to a better, brighter future.

Our Organizing Principles

After we sent our message for guidance, the Marchroots answered the call. Thousands of women and allies delivered our Marching Orders, centered around five key issues that will drive our programmatic work moving forward:

Political Reform:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ratification of the equal rights amendment is imperative to strengthen our democracy.

That comprehensive election reform that takes on gerrymandering, removing corporate money from politics, and dismantling voter disenfranchisement is necessary for the health and progress of our country.

Only by becoming fully independent of corporate money in politics will people take precedence over corporations.

We believe that civility and compromise are necessary for the functioning of our government and our society.

That legislative decisions should be made from a foundation of fact and that our constitution gives us freedom of religion, which is also freedom from religion – from its dictates in our daily lives and its influence on public policy.

Health Care:

No one in the United States should fear being unable to afford a doctor.

Access to affordable and high quality physical, mental, and addiction-related health care is necessary now.


We are now, and have always been, a nation of immigrants.

We support the sanctuary movement until it is no longer needed.

Our immigration policy should be one of welcome, for immigrants, guest workers, and refugees.

We know that walls are an archaic and impotent approach to borders.

Social Justice:

We believe that making money off the incarceration of American citizens is a disturbing and immoral trend, and that the U.S. should close private prisons and reduce the prison population significantly through changes in sentencing for nonviolent and first-time offenses.

We agree that our bail system is corrupt and criminalizes poverty.

That there must be accountability for the killing of black men, women, and children. Now.

That sexual assault should be handled like any other crime, giving priority to due process and the support of victims. Colleges are not equipped to handle sexual assault and rape allegations. These allegations must be handled only by the criminal justice system.

And we must abolish the death penalty.

Gun Reform:

We believe that our modern interpretation of the 2nd Amendment has become destructive and that is the right of the people to alter it.

We will only vote for candidates who support and will fight for sensible gun laws.

It is time for semi-automatic, automatic, and military-grade weapons to be illegal for private citizens to own or carry.